Creative Space

Opened October 2021 in the old Merchant Hotel in collaboration with Spirited Justice, the WOHM Creative Space currently serves as a hub in Old Town Portland connecting artists to resources in the community and beyond. A continually evolving meeting, creative and presentation area with room for expanded multimedia capabilities, the 3300 sq ft WOHM Creative Space serves for both planning and artistic execution.

As Black-owned businesses take root in Old Town, it felt right to make this new home for We Out Here Magazine. Spirited Justice and Ease & Abundance, LLC are also operated from the location.


Updates and Opportunities:

First Thursdays – Each month, immediately prior to The THESIS, we host a media party for the performers and their guests, holding space for live and recorded interviews, conversation, networking, and building tours.

If you’d like to participate in future events, contact us and let us know.

February 2023 Expansion – In mid-February, WOHM Creative moved across the hall, from am 1,100 sq ft space to a 3,300 sq ft space, complete with a conference room, kitchen, creative space, quiet room, music studio, and separate offices.

Rooms are available for rental through Ease & Abundance, LLC.

School To Arts PipelineSeptember 2023– WOHM Creative is extending the offer to take on two high school students with interests in arts, equity, politics and music to become a part of the WOHM Creative team. Selected students would be provided mentorship, real-world experience and access to the resources they need to follow their dreams.

If this interests you, please email or message us for more information.

WOHM Cameras – In an attempt to make photography more accessible so that more cultural moments can be captured, WOHM Creative now has 3 cameras available for use by the community: a Canon Powershot SX420 IS, a Nikon D3100, Nikon D5600, a Nikon D3500, a Canon EOS, and a Pentax K10D.

If you’re interested in donating gear or instruction time, please reach out!

PlantBloc Old Town Distribution Center – Just took in 19 new plants to take care of while their human finds new housing. Everyone is looking for veggie and fruit starts right now, so if you have items to let go of, let us know.