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10 THINGS: Desmond Tutu Quotes That Ted Wheeler Should Read

Generally speaking, there are few things more painful than listening in on a local budget vote. Still, Wednesday’s meeting full of budgetary amendments and amendments to amendments left an especially sour taste in my mouth. Not just because the council failed to pass legislation that would have directed $18M into our schools and social services

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Is Hate A Virtue? Choosing The Right Fuel For The Revolution

As Portlanders approach four months of physically protesting our police bureau, the police and their counterparts have done much to further the case against themselves. It’s frequently discussed amongst protesters, typically to the tune of comedic irony, how the wanton person-to-person violence exacted nightly by the Portland Police Bureau across the city is responsible for

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Stay For The Revolution

I arrived home early one morning after being at the Justice Center, helmet and gas mask in hand, covered in the stench of tear gas, pepper and gunpowder. Without hardly a thought, I put my protest gear in the designated area, removed my contaminated clothes, and showered with cool water, washing my dreads for the

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Reclaim MLK Freedom & Unity March

For the fourth year in a row, Don’t Shoot PDX will be hosting a march – organized by the children – from Peninsula Park to the Portland Convention Center, taking Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in honor of his holiday.  Starting at noon, supplies such as clothing and bedding will be collected at Peninsula Park

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Don’t Shoot Portland Announces New Series of Community Safety Trainings

In response to the upswing in hate crimes and incidents of violence towards marginalized communities in Portland, and Oregon at large, Don’t Shoot Portland will be hosting a series of workshops and training designed to develop a community safety network. People may attend to learn strategies and tools for responding to hate crimes and protecting

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About Last Night…

In a stunning election determined largely by the white vote, I found silver lining in the fact that the whitest city in America – Portland – voted heavily against the guy from The Apprentice, favoring actual politicians in this political race. I struggle to find much more silver in the grey cloud. This morning Americans joined the UK

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Glenn Waco – Assata ft. Neka (Prod. by Samarei)

Portland’s Glenn Waco gets educational on his new release, Assata, a feel-good ode to the life of Assata Shakur, the former Black Panther who’s famously avoided state capture since escaping from prison 37 years ago in 1979. On May 2nd, 2005, Assata was labeled a domestic terrorist, and there is a $2M reward for her capture.  Since being

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VIDEO: Sponberg For Mayor feat. Al-One, My-G, Prologic & Brown Caesar [Prod by Pale Soul]

“So get out and vote, before the water get bought up by Nestle and Coke. They already bought the hood up, raise the rent up some mo’, and police out here is tryna put my neck in the rope…” ~Al-One I ran into Jessie Sponberg last night, and the first thing the Eastside Portlander said to me (after,

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Sponberg For Mayor Campaign Kicks Off, Invites Candidates To Slumber Party

Jessie Sponberg is wasting no time. As his campaign officially starts today at the site of the same reservoir he famously fought to keep as our city’s water source, the outspoken candidate is expected to invite fellow mayoral candidates to spend a night at North Portland’s Hazelnut Grove, a makeshift community that houses people whom Sponberg refers

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Hip-Hop Activist Jessie Sponberg Leads All Candidates in KGW Poll

Maybe it was the declaration that “The City is on fire!” Or perhaps it was his Facebook call to put out a campaign mixtape with local rappers. Or perhaps his early campaigning at the Sanders rally. In any case, mayoral candidate and self-proclaimed front-runner Jessie Sponberg is torching all competition in a new KGW poll, taking