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Creating A Monster: The Start of Future’s Ascension to Hottest Rapper

You heard the story. Future was on his way out. His run was over. He was in love with Ciara, they had a child, and he put the cup down. This music resulted in trying to crossover more with Honest. It wasn’t what fans wanted, thus it put a strain on his career. Then, he

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The Best Rap Award Show On Earth

Serm gets creative with a Ye-rant inspired bit about award shows, supported by artwork from Damon Smith.

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8 Timeless Seattle Hip-Hop Songs

Seattle has a booming music scene due in part to the successes of Sir Mix-A-Lot and Macklemore. Besides them, there’s a thriving community of artists who have been doing their thing for years. In that time, classic records were made and are sort of like a best kept secret thing for those who weren’t around

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How Can Meek Mill Rise Up & Overcome?

Sermon (of Sermon’s Domain) is a prodigy in the world of Hip-Hop journalism and a staple in the Seattle music scene. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back on a Freshest In The NW panel and we’ve kept in touch ever since, fans of each other’s work in the NW scene. That said,