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ON: Leaving (and Loving) Portland

 A mixed millenial’s search for community and identity in America’s whitest metropolis. I find it a little ironic that so many Californians are moving to the Pacific Northwest, and yet there is a continuous slew of Portlanders moving down to Cali. It’s somewhat bothersome to see so many friends, talented artists and potential community leaders

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Raz Simone’s Epic 2015: What Does It All Mean?

Earlier this week, I wrote a piece on how I couldn’t put together an essay on Raz Simone. The aborted piece was supposed to coincide with the release of Raz’s latest project, Trap Spirituals. Then Raz announced he wasn’t releasing the album. To quote the post on his Facebook page: “Oh, I’m not dropping Trap

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On: Halloween, Holocene and PDX Nightlife

This grumpy rant might read like a personal attack on Holocene, because it is. Halloween is one of the few holidays I have become increasingly jaded about over the years. If I wanted to go get drunk at a bar while sporting falsies and baring a lot of skin, I could easily achieve all that

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On: Baltimore, Cloaks, and Daggers

The word of the day is ruthless. It’s not a word I can use to describe Baltimore protesters. It’s the word that comes to mind when I see things like #bluelivesmatter. When you see people “rioting,” that’s anger. That’s desperation. Ruthless is the people who will do and say anything to hold on to power.

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On: Marshawn Lynch and the Matrix

Before this season, I wasn’t a fan of Marshawn Lynch at all. Granted, that had less do with him as a person and more to do with him not being a Dallas Cowboy. But with the NFL and the media going after him so hard this season, I gained a new appreciation. That was especially

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On: Measure 91 and the OLCC

Anyone who knows me knows I’m cynical about politics. And for good reason. That said, I’m a big proponent of politicking for your interests, which brings me to Measure 91. The bill would legalize weed for recreational use and retail in Oregon. It seems like a no-brainer, right? But I can’t get past one thing.

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On: Economic Protest

This past weekend, a lot of us saw the video of Portland Police beating and tasing a 16-year-old. To make matters worse, this comes at time when there are anti-police brutality protests and discussions all around the city. Apparently the police still don’t give a fuck about Black people. While I’m not big on protests,

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On: Post Hype Media

I’ve been talking a lot about politics lately, but this week, I have to call myself out. Despite being a fan of all the music coming out of Portland, I haven’t posted much about it in a while. Even when I look back on a lot of my music related posts, how many were really

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On: “Leaders”

Ever criticized a “Black leader?” Does this response sound familiar? “How dare you talk about me? At least I’m doing something?” Is it getting tired yet? Let’s be real. You can organize rallies. You can make speeches. You can get a new batch of kids, who don’t know your history, to parrot you every year.

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On: Ferguson Solidarity

Saidah Wilson contributed to this essay. Why are people surprised? What exactly is shocking about the police rolling through towns with tanks and tear-gassing Black people? This isn’t the 1500 and 1600s with white people showing up on boats with guns to pillage your country. We knew police had these weapons and we’ve been aware