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10 THINGS: Desmond Tutu Quotes That Ted Wheeler Should Read

Generally speaking, there are few things more painful than listening in on a local budget vote. Still, Wednesday’s meeting full of budgetary amendments and amendments to amendments left an especially sour taste in my mouth. Not just because the council failed to pass legislation that would have directed $18M into our schools and social services

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10 Things: Unmissable Artists at Bumbershoot 2016

This year’s Seattle Center music festival marks my second rodeo, but there are still many firsts to be had. Today, Seattle’s gargantuan end-of-Summer music fest kicks off, and just like last time I’m in disbelief of all the high quality live music I get to witness. I didn’t think that Bumbershoot 2016 could come close

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10 THINGS: Perfectly Valid Reasons to Break-Up

[PHOTO: Philip and I back in 2010, three years before our split. (Yes, I wore a relaxer and the Victoria’s Secret PINK collection back then).] If this article comes off a little too dark, edgy, free-spirited, or pessimistic..I don’t know what to tell you. It’s Winter? Fuck off? This article is for anyone who’s going through a

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10 Things: Bumbershoot Artists I Just Can’t Miss

Get to know new WOHM writer Jenni Moore through her list of artists to watch at Bumbershoot 2015. It might astonish some of you that I’m a writer for WOHM even though I don’t identify as a “hip-hop head” by any means. In all honesty, I’ve only been heavily listening to hip-hop and rap music

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10 Things: Projects to Geek Out To

With the release of albums like D’Angelo’s “Black Messiah” and Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly,” 2015 has shown it still pays to make multi-layered, nerd-out-friendly projects. A little over halfway through the year, here are 10 Northwest releases worth listening to, not just all the way through, but on repeat and often:

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10 Things: Terrible Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage

“Live and Let Live” – Catharine Sedgwick “People just need to mind their business.” – My Mother After years of addressing it at the state level, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling this morning that individual states may not deny same-sex marriages – which I think we mostly agree can now simply be called,

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10 THINGS: That Show Your Insecurities

As an 80’s baby, I must admit that these 20-teen years are throwing me for a loop. The older I get, the less the current trends make sense. Some of my friends have even taken to calling me Old Man Mac… A name I’m working on accepting. I won’t lie, I had to get over my

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10 THINGS: That Made The News In 2014

As an adult, I usually find myself in December wondering where the year went. This year was different for me though – maybe for you as well – as I end the year feeling like, “Finally!” Maybe it’s the newly acquired speed of news cycles driven by social media fervor, or maybe it was the

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10 Things: NW Summer Slaps

When’s the last time we did a 10 Things? I am really not sure, but you gon’ learn today! Easily one of the best summers of NW music ever, I’d be truly remissed if I didn’t ensure that we ran down the top songs of the season. Because I’m feeling feisty, I’m even going to

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10 THINGS: You Can Do For The #SummertimeKickback

This Summertime Kickback is shaping up to be a rather dope event. Sponsored and organized by WOHM, Hip Hop Junkies & Booty and Bass, the event – fueled mostly via social media and word of mouth – has picked up support from organizations like KBOO, The NW Breakout Show, Poorboys, & Slim Goods. We’re planning