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10 THINGS: Desmond Tutu Quotes That Ted Wheeler Should Read

Generally speaking, there are few things more painful than listening in on a local budget vote. Still, Wednesday’s meeting full of budgetary amendments and amendments to amendments left an especially sour taste in my mouth. Not just because the council failed to pass legislation that would have directed $18M into our schools and social services

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Is Hate A Virtue? Choosing The Right Fuel For The Revolution

As Portlanders approach four months of physically protesting our police bureau, the police and their counterparts have done much to further the case against themselves. It’s frequently discussed amongst protesters, typically to the tune of comedic irony, how the wanton person-to-person violence exacted nightly by the Portland Police Bureau across the city is responsible for

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A Letter to the Editors

From one editor to some others, it’s time for you to stand down. Last night, a day after a protester was set on fire by an allegedly errant Molotov cocktail, the editorial board of The Oregonian – the state’s largest and oldest newspaper – decided to draft and publish an “Opinion” piece urging Portland protesters

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Stay For The Revolution

I arrived home early one morning after being at the Justice Center, helmet and gas mask in hand, covered in the stench of tear gas, pepper and gunpowder. Without hardly a thought, I put my protest gear in the designated area, removed my contaminated clothes, and showered with cool water, washing my dreads for the

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Jus Family Records Reissues “Western Conference All-Starz” Portland Hip-Hop Compilation

Let’s take it back to the old school for a minute. Jus Family Records was the only local label I knew of growing up, and that was really cool to me because they only made street music. A testament to their staying power, the label continues to operate to this day with Cool Nutz, Bosko

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Bocha – FREAK (Prod. by Sxlxmxn)

Photo by @lilyerrr Rockwood representative Bocha dropped off a fun new single today. FREAK, produced by local super-producer Sxlxmxn, is a lyrical smoker’s anthem that’ll rattle your rear-view mirrors. The two-verse track boasts an extended hook and the timely beat progressions Sxlxmxn has long been known for. Meanwhile, Bocha floats with his sporadic cadence and

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Tony Ozier & King Thayo – Light My Fire + Tone Tuesdays

Image of King Thayo by Tim Tidball I was goofing around on IG last night and came across a clip of a very catchy song on the big homie Tony Ozier’s feed called Light My Fire, which features King Thayo, a Trini-born reggae singer who I’ve been keeping an eye on for a few months

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Naked Bike Ride Canceled… Kinda

If you’ve ever lived through a Portland summer, you’ve probably learned at least two things: 1) Portland summers are undefeated, and 2) the freaks come out on one night in particular.

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Sole Provider & DJ Wēls- Wu Tape

This pandemic is giving people all sorts of free time, so shout out to Sole Pro and Wēls for putting it to good use. The WuTape – which features Sole Provider ripping flawlessly over Wu Tang beats remixed by DJ Wēls – almost never saw the light of day, but Vancouver, Washington’s coldest lyricist and

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Raquel Divar – Cherry [Music Video]

“Married to the game. Me? I’m cherry to the flame.”Raquel Divar comes out the gates with the pedal to the metal in her highly anticipated new video for Cherry, which premiered yesterday on Daily Beat. The color-coordinated video is short but sweet – not to mention sexy – with an array of quickly unfolding scenes,