Our mission is to represent Northwest Culture in a way that excites our readers and encourages them to support the people and ideas coming from their community.

Our online publication currently reaches over 12,000 unique visitors and has over 150,000 page views monthly: 30% of our viewers are from the Portland Metro area, 15% are from the Salem area, 5% are from Seattle, and 5% are from San Francisco.

We offer multiple opportunities to connect with our readers. Our advertising packages are all month to month with no long term contract.

Our Gold Package offers:
• 978px x 100px under banner advertisement
• $150 a week with a 4-week commitment
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Our Silver Package offers:
• 250px x 500px sidebar advertisement
• $125 a week with a 4-week commitment
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Our Bronze Package offers:
• 250px x 300px sidebar advertisement
• $75 a week with a 4-week commitment
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Music Sponsor: An option exclusively for artists from the NW
• 250px x 250px sidebar advertisement
• $75 a month
• Fill one of 8 rotating slots

We also include weekly exposure through our social media sites for all of our supporters.


Why should I advertise with We Out Here Magazine?

We Out Here Magazine is all about supporting the Northwest and the people who make it a great place to live. Advertising with us is becoming part of our family. We celebrate the success of everyone who supports us through our site, our social media outlets, and at our events.

You get more for your money than just space on our website.

Can WOHM help you increase your Social Media presence?

Definitely! We understand how important it is for businesses to connect with their customers online. We’ll be sure to let all of our fans and friends know about your online spaces. The interactive nature of our publication allows us to communicate more directly with our clientele.

How do I get you my ad design?

You can email your design to our Editor, Jake Espinoza. His email address is We even make banners for birthday parties.

We also offer ad design services. Email Jake with a brief description of what you are looking for to receive a quote.

What is a Unique visitor?

A Unique Visitor is a unit of traffic to a Web site that is counted only once in a reporting period, usually during the last month or quarter. We can count visitors once regardless of their number of visits with the use of cookies (little text files that say in our case, “I’ve been here already this month”). As some folks don’t allow cookies to be set on their machine, we can’t know for sure the exact number of Unique Visitors, but we do know the number of visits to our site.

I see other sites offer ad cost per thousand impression basis, why don’t you?

WOHM is still a growing online publication. Because of this we will work harder to maintain a positive working relationship with all of our supporters. Our existence depends on it!

Instead of only offering a picture on our site, we also speak about how great our supporters are at all of our events and online spaces.

Your success is our success!

I’m not sure if advertising online is the best fit for me. How else can I be involved?

Your customers are online and you need to be also!

We also throw events all over the Northwest. If you think sponsoring an event might be a better fit for you or your company, email with how you would like to be involved.

We appreciate all of your continued support!

Please contact if you are interested in advertising on our page or being involved in any of our upcoming events.

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