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We Out Here is the Northwest’s premiere hip-hop lifestyle magazine, featuring music, editorials, and personal stories relevant to the people living in Oregon, Washington, and surrounding areas. We aim to excite and educate our readers about artists and concepts relevant to our region.

We also enjoy all feedback from our readers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email one of the staff members below. For music & other submissions, email us at submit [at] weouthere.net.



Akunna Amaefule

Lead Editor / Contributor
Email: AkunnaIsPresent@gmail.com
Twitter: @AkunnaIsPresent
Instagram: @AkunnaIsPresent

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Mac Smiff

Email: Mac@weouthere.net
Twitter: @MacSmiff
Instagram: @MacSmiff
Website: MacSmiff.com

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Seemab Hussaini

Twitter: @SeemabHussaini
Instagram: @TheGhettoBedouin

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Simon J. Davis Cohen

Editor / Political Correspondent
Twitter: @SimonDavisCohen
Instagram: @SimonDavisCohen

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