Scooter Rogers is a diverse rapper who oozes out self-confidence and vulnerability that cannot be bought or manufactured. Coming from the East side of Portland, Scooter’s delivery and artistry reflects on his past life, where he wants to be, and deciding who he wants to bring with him on his road to success. He is a music artist that is not afraid to support other artists in the Portland music scene and stands on that. 

J.O.Y. 3 (June 2022) is a rollercoaster ride of intense highs and lows for Scooter Rogers. Scooter’s continued creation of J.O.Y. (Jokes On You) with volumes 1-3 is intentional and a part of his healing journey as a music artist. The acronym J.O.Y. is a message to Scooter’s haters and nonbelievers and a personal message reminding him to never give up on himself, or the joke will indeed be on him.

On J.O.Y. 3, he opens up about heartbreak with piercing bars like, Linking witcha’ ex and I found out from his ex,” and calling out an old lover, “Dear Mrs. I just can’t be solid with my man.” The tea was piping hot and spilled throughout this project and it is safe to say that Scooter did not hold back from getting his point across on J.O.Y. 3. 

In the intro track, Venting Sessions Scooter introduces heavy reflective thoughts on a piano-centered production. Lyrics such as, “Wonder how my dog felt when he took his last breath,” set an inescapable tone for the project. I met Scooter in 2019 and it is breathtaking to hear him dig deeper into his emotions and subconscious thoughts because listeners are able to connect more with his story. 

Scooter’s sound is multifaceted because of what he listened to during childhood, “My musical influences came mainly from my dad as he played a diverse range of music from bluegrass to Tupac. That kind of upbringing forced me to be open to all types of sounds and ways to express myself which is why there’s not a single beat in the world that I couldn’t see myself on,” said Scooter. His hip-hop music inspirations are Tupac, Snoop Dogg, DMX, and Jay-Z.

Halfway through J.O.Y. 3, he pivots into a complete 180 with tracks like, No Choice, Kyrie, and I’m Back. The production turns up with West Coast feel-good synths, bass, and tempos uplifting the listener’s spirit. Scooter shows up on this project as a well-rounded rapper who can effortlessly rap about any topic that he chooses. From complex heartbreaks to confident manifesting mantras, he proves why he has no boundaries while creating music. 

When asked what was the inspiration behind the project he states, “The thematic occurrence of heartbreak in my life— whether it be death, putting my heart in the wrong hands, etc. This album was about me enduring hardships and still finding a way to keep going.”

Scooter is tapped into the hip-hop scene in Portland and supports his peers. He describes the scene as diverse as fuck with tons of talent and encourages everyone to tap in. He briefly envisions his aspirations regarding music and says, “I aspire to be the best artist I can be at that time. Whenever it comes. Whatever it may look like, I’m here for it. But I told myself I wouldn’t stop until I reach the top. Most say it. I really believe that shit. I aspire to be at the top of this shit. I’m on my way. Keep the champagne cold for me.”

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