Just get off work and realize that ballot you never opened needs to be dropped off by 8pm tonight? Well never fear, WOHM is here to help you complete your ballot in under 10 minutes so that you can drop it off on your way to your favorite food cart.

Let’s jump right in.

US Senate

If I thought he had a chance to win, I’d run with progressive Chris Henry, but he uses a lot of exclamation points and bold font so I gotta reel it in and run with the Democratic incumbent, Ron Wyden. Sure, uncle Ron takes money from Big Everyone, but he has shown steadiness in tumultuous times.

US House Rep, 3rd District

Pacific Green candidate David Delk is saying all the right things, but again, I don’t see a path to victory. Uncle Earl Blumenaur it is.

US House Rep, 5th District

For the love of God, vote for Jamie McCleod-Skinner. I’d rather have a pro-cop Democrat in office than an anti-immigration Latina who believes that CRT is brainwashing school children. You know what you have to do.

Oregon Governor

For as much as Phil Knight-funded candidates Betsy Johnson and Christine Drazan have warned that we don’t want 4 years of the same, I would have to remind you all that Tina Kotek is not Kate Brown and has a plan for Oregon that doesn’t include turning the state over to the Proud Boys and Timber Unity. This might the single most important vote in a decade.

State Senator, 24th District

Gotta go with Kayse Jama, who is probably the most engaged politician I’ve ever seen up close. This man is doing the dirty work with grace and we don’t deserve him. So re-elect him.

State Senator, 48th District

Hoa Nguyen is our gal and we’re hoping she’s as dynamic in this position as she has been in her time with David Douglas School District.

Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries

Christina Stephenson is the best qualified candidate and Cheri Holt is endorsed by Timber Unity so it’s a no-brainer for Stephenson.

Multnomah County Chair

Jessica Vega Pederson, Oregon’s first Latina state rep, has actual plans to address homelessness and a ton of support from respectable coalitions. Her competition, Sharon Meieran, wants “more doing” and her endorsers are kinda sketchy.

Portland Commissioner, Position 3

The second biggest ticket on the agenda is a no-brainer if you’re paying attention. While Gonzalez got into politics by lobbying for rightwing groups that peddled in COVID denial and LGBTQ hate, the incumbent, JoAnn Hardesty has made her mark advancing the will of the people. A Hardesty win maintains the semblance of balance in the council, while a win for Rene essentially puts Portland City Council squarely in the hands of big business.

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, Director, Zone 3

Most of you are probably asking, “Huh?” Just vote for the incumbent, Michael Guebert. He’s doing a good job. Plus his opponent, Jake, is still in school.

State Measure 111 – YES

Should everyone have Healthcare? Yes. Does this cost extra money? No.

State Measure 112 – YES

Removes any situation allowing slavery from the books. Vote yes because the prison industry hate this.

State Measure 113 – YES

When the Dems and Progressives had enough votes to pass clean energy bills, the GOP regularly skipped congress to avoid having quorum, this no vote were held. Give these folks an attendance policy. Make them do their jobs.

State Measure 114 – NO

All for gun control, but putting the discretion of who gets to buy guns in the hands of the cops is going in the wrong direction. Well intended, but blind to the existing civil rights concerns of our era.

County Measure 26-230 – YES

Update charter with gender-nuetral pronouns? Sure!

County Measure 26-231 – YES

Doesn’t actually let illegal immigrants vote in federal elections, just ensures that all that may be eligible are eligible, especially in the case of local elections.

County Measure 26-232 – YES

Ranked choice voting helps get lesser known candidates a fair shot and improves the chances of minorities in elections.

County Measure 26-233 – YES

Yes, the jails should be subject to all levels of inspections by commissioners.

County Measure 26-234 – YES

I love the word “ombudsperson” and moreso I lovev the idea of someone actually investigating complaints.

County Measure 26-235 – YES

Kinda hard for the auditor to audit without access to the information they need to audit. Let’s let the auditors do their jobs.

County Measure 26-236 – YES

City of Portland Measure 26-228 – YES

Increase City Council! This is a huge step in getting representative representation going forward.

Metro Measure 26-225 – YES

Renew the levy to protect parks, fish and wildlife. Oregon essentials.

Hope this helps! Get that ballot dropped!