On September 09, 2022, Passive Income Network and Crypto Bomber Krew will host an Algorand NFT Workshop. The event will take place at The Keepspace from 5:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. 

Algorand is an energy-efficient and sustainable blockchain that prides itself on being carbon-negative (emitting less than zero carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gasses) and its low-cost minting fees. The founder of Algorand, Silvio Micali states, “Algorand developed a public blockchain that runs on a version of proof-of-stake, which drives electricity consumption to almost zero…on a fundamental level, I care about the planet.” 

Algorand’s mission is to build global trust via decentralization, create simplicity in design to attract the everyday person, and have equitable technology that will eliminate barriers to prosperity for all.

Christopher Williams (aka Sea Will) is the founder and host of Passive Income Network, an Algorand ambassador, and a leading educator on the Algorand blockchain. 

Crypto Bomber Krew is a multi-disciplined artist specializing in VR, digital art, and community building. 

The goal of the workshop is to educate and onboard new community members and artists of various mediums on cryptocurrency and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The workshop will be cost-efficient as well. There are two options, free general admission for participants who want to network and listen to the workshop or a $10 option for those who want to participate in the NFT workshop portion (there will be up to ten devices available for use, but bring your own laptop just in case.)

Sea Will will facilitate the training to teach artists different ways to create a community and ecosystem for their art using relevant strategies, tools, and information. 

Dr. Mello (Stephen Marsh) will facilitate the art creation portion of the workshop.

Sea Will believes the NFT workshop is important for the art community, “I think the Algorand NFT workshop is important because it can introduce new ways of communication, community building, and revenue generation for artists. Traditionally, once art is sold that’s it. NFTs on Algorand allow for built-in royalties and so much more,” says Sea Will.

Community members will be introduced to cryptocurrency, the possibilities of NFTs, activating digital wallets to mint and collect NFTs on the Algorand blockchain, and more. 

The Algorand Blockchain and the city of Portland share similarities, “ Portland and Algorand have a lot in common. Algorand being carbon negative and an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) based business, makes it ideal for a city like Portland to collaborate with. Portland values community, [and] social and environmental justice.  Algorand has similar values and works with many partners around the world to promote a greener and [more] inclusive society,” says Sea Will.

This workshop is suitable for artists from all walks of life including crypto enthusiasts, beginners in NFTs and Web3, and anyone else interested. 

In addition to education, there will be music and networking at the event so bring your best vibes and comfortable dancing shoes. 

Click here to purchase your ticket for the NFT workshop today (there will be a limited capacity due to event space). 

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