On July 31st Kahlil Khalil will be setting things off for his first hometown headlining slot at the Doug Fir Lounge! Chicago-raised and Portland-based artist Majik9 will be opening up for the show as well, and if you have ever seen these 2 artists in a venue together before you know that means it’s going to be something special!  

Expect the night to feel like a concert, but also an experience. It is a party, it is a show, it is a night of community building and engagement, it is a chance to just dive into and become part of the lifestyle and tribe that  Kahlil holds near and dear.  

As an artist, Kahlil Khalil’s vision is to create a safe space of commonality, peace and unity, to be a voice for the unheard, the imperfect, the bruised and beaten warriors who always come out resilient and with a smile on their face, and crown on their heads. The goal is to spread consciousness, awareness, and to share the twists and turns of life that allow us to obtain such, all while giving folks an environment to let loose and shake their worries away to the various sounds of the west coast, the west indies, and so much more of what has helped raise him up and keep him grounded.  

In the eyes of Kahlil, this concert is a chance to access and premier his next level of performance as an artist, to refine the show he plans to take on the road in the years ahead, and do it all right here back home and with the people who truly matter.  

The beauty of a Kahlil concert as well is it is always full of surprises, you can expect to see multiple unannounced guests throughout the night, some friends, some family, some local, and some from out of state. There will also be some new elements of Kahlil’s performance style/backing that have never before made it to the stage premiered at this gig.  

Throughout the next few months, Kahlil Khalil is also in the process of finalizing his next upcoming project titled “World Full Ah Beat”. This project  is a further introduction into Kahlil’s Caribbean heritage and will highlight  his own personal approach and fusion stylistics within the Dancehall, 

Reggae, Soca, & AfroBeat genres that raised him up. At the July Doug Fir show, Kahlil will be premiering many unreleased songs off this project and giving you all the chance to dive into this journey before the rest of the world is even aware of such. 

Kahlil Khalil and Majik9 will also be releasing their first single and music video together titled “Plush” in July in honor of their upcoming Doug Fir show and the progress/relationship they have been building as artists and peers. This song was also produced by another local legend and the man  Kahlil is blessed to call his Unc, Tony Ozier. 

All and all this is just gonna be ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS YOU DON’T  WANT TO MISS! Come CATCH A VIBE with us!