Fresh off the release of the Andy Savoie-produced, Windbreaker, on Fresh Selects, NE Portland vet Milc dropped a new track–complete with a video–for, White Grapes, a grimy single assisted by newcomer Nate Grapes.

The black and white mafioso-style visuals, courtesy of Bausik Film Co., work as a perfect accent to the duo’s signature coke raps.

“Portland Public School water/ feel every drop of lead/ the coffee table look like the alps/ go and cop a sled.”

Milc – “White Grapes”

Not to be forgotten, Grapes does more than hold his own, floating for about 32 bars on the track so well that I almost didn’t realize there’s no lyrical hook.

Milc has been on fire lately, and this teaming with Nate Grapes on this track, produced by Drew the Universe, is promising. Interested to see what’s next.