Photos by Andre Waymond

From the North to the Numbers, it’s tough to find an artist more authentic than D.O.E.

The tall homie with the big smiles and chill vibes recently dropped a new mixtape, Hommie Homme, an homage to jackin’ beats. I can’t lie I was a bit skeptical about this at first, but once the tape started I quickly saw the vision. D.O.E. puts his own spin on each of the beats he recycles, all while delivering a decidedly funny mixtape chock-full of hometown references (Summertime), relationship follies (Rock With You), and smoked out tales (Real One).

It’s a jack/
If they cut the check/
I might cut the crap/
Until then if I like your beat/
I’ma run it back

D.O.E. “If I Ruled The World”

Insisting that “it’s not stealing, it’s paying homage,” the uncensorable D.O.E. sings and raps his way over hits from Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z and Roddy Rich. He includes lesser-known instrumentals and also makes melodic nods to Will Smith and Bobby Brown.

As opinionated as ever, D.O.E. (an acronym for Down On Earth) is just as likely to piss you off with his frequently high thoughts as he is to make you laugh. Chances are if you listen long enough, you’ll do plenty of both.

You can catch D.O.E. January 6th at The THESIS, along with The Gard3n, Majik9, Northside Tego and Prince Hyph at Kelly’s Olympian.