Whether through landmarks, like the awe-inspiring Chihuly Glass Garden, or on smaller niche status, like the clever album artwork coming from some of our own colleagues, it is undeniable that the Pacific Northwest is home to amazing visual art.

From the quirky to the dark, from the abstract to the hyperrealistic, our artists seem to cover it all. We love it. And we want to share more of it.

Back in May, we began to highlight some visual art on our Instagram feed. At first, it was for the aesthetics. The art was beautiful. I appreciated it, wanted to share it, and it looked amazing amongst our articles. But it was deeper than that. (Isn’t it always?)

Upon finding these artists, I was naturally curious about the people behind the art. I didn’t only want to share their masterpieces, but I also wanted to know and share more about them as well.

I was curious… How did they begin their art journey? Was it a hobby that flourished into more? What drew them to focus on their preferred subject matter? I had questions. And luckily, they were open to answering them.

So thus, a new series was born:

For the Love of Visual Arts

This series is dedicated to the photographers, the 3D sculptors, the graphic designers, the painters, and the creatives that make art which our eyes crave and appreciate.

Starting in February, we will begin to highlight artists of various visual mediums from the Pacific Northwest, right here on our site. Until then, go take a scroll through our Instagram page. You may be surprised at what you see, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Do you know an artist you think we should highlight? Perhaps you are that artist? Submit below and we will get back to you shortly. We are looking forward to showcasing these talented individuals and their amazing art.