By: We Out Here Staff

Republican state senator Dallas Heard is no stranger to extremist controversies. Like a moth to the flame, he appears to be drawn to them somehow. Now, he appears to be inciting more controversy under the guise of freedom but it may be more related to favors for donors.

First, he collaborated with domestic terrorists in their takeover of the Malheur refuge.

He refused to wear a mask in the Oregon Legislature, putting his colleagues at risk.

He is tied to multiple figures who participated in the coup attempt in DC that resulted in multiple deaths (including a police officer).

Screenshot of groups Dallas Heard follows, showing Oregonians for Trump, led by David Medina. “Medina, the man from Sherwood, Oregon, is the organizer of the group Oregonians for Trump and the former campaign manager for Anna Kasachev.”

Now, as if those previous issues weren’t enough for Heard and his constituents, he is branching out into new areas, doxxing elderly women who are concerned for the safety of their communities.

From Roseburg, and a Republican, Heard has been instrumental in the launch of a new group called Citizens Against Tyranny. Perhaps their largest spokesperson, he is also joined by Oregon Rep. Baertschiger from Grant’s Pass. They recently hosted a church event to protest the COVID-19 restrictions put in place to slow the spread of a deadly disease. Due to these restrictions, that should be noted many conservatives have never followed but now claim didn’t work, Heard and others of his ilk claim they are oppressed. In a theatrical display for the camera on the floor of the legislature, he removed his mask, putting many at risk. “The days of your unchecked assault against our freedoms and His children is over,” he stated. “You have oppressed the free peoples of Oregon.”

Photo of a wealthy white man in a sports coat, removing a protective mask that could save someone’s life. For some unknown reason, he thinks that makes him oppressed.

Now, to top it off the organization he supports, is doxxing any citizen who has reported concern for COVID violations. His first, two elderly women they labeled “Filthy Traitors” allegedly reported a Safeway on the central Oregon coast. One of these women may have been on the OSHA list incorrectly. Safeway was not following regulations and two older women were concerned, now Heard is threatening them.

“Two women, both senior citizens and Douglas County residents, were recently fingered by this organization. Their names were published on a website called as part of “The LIST,” and they were labeled “Filthy Traitors.” The words were spattered in red, as if to indicate blood.

The website encourages businesses to sign on to “86”-ing, or banning, anyone on “The LIST,” which as of early Friday afternoon had just the two women on it.

The names were removed after an inquiry from a News-Review reporter (NR Today).”

Dallas Heard will tell you he is fighting this battle for freedom. Of who is unclear. What Heard hasn’t publicly disclosed is the fact that he received campaign donations from Safeway itself.

His campaign donations page, matter of public record, shows that on 10/08/2020, Albertsons Safeway/Albertsons Companies donated to his campaign. They also donated on 04/23/2020.

It is always useful to look at a politicians campaign donations. Where is the money coming from? It is a possible barometer for their actions and a good place to start with questions. We called Sen. Heard’s office with a series of questions about his work with Citizens Against Tyranny. He or his staff have not responded at this time.

Bottom line, Dallas Heard is getting money from Safeway. Soon after, the organization he supports went after two elderly women. who were concerned for their communities, reported Safeway. Is Dallas Heard fighting for freedom or he is working for his donors?

He will likely not clarify and hopes his followers won’t care. However, we here at WOHM always wonder what is attached to that check?