“Married to the game. Me? I’m cherry to the flame.”Raquel Divar comes out the gates with the pedal to the metal in her highly anticipated new video for Cherry, which premiered yesterday on Daily Beat.

The color-coordinated video is short but sweet – not to mention sexy – with an array of quickly unfolding scenes, and it’s chock-full of notable PDX cameos including emerging vocal talent Veana Baby and TheTHESIS DJ, Verbz.

From the motorbike kicking up dust to the car ride with her “ride-or-dies,” Divar stays in motion over bass-heavy production by Jvnitor, kicking rhymes with a patently rugged style that contrasts her petite frame.

It took a village to make this single, and the credits certainly confirm the teamwork. I think you’ll find that the end product was certainly worth the effort.

Note: If you missed it, it’s also very much worth checking out Divar’s previous release, Runner’s Anthem.