Tomorrow night marks the first THESIS of the year, which – at least for me – is the real New Year’s celebration! Samuel The First, Andre Waymond and Chris Lee join resident DJ, Verbz, for another fun night of fly live music, dancing, dranks and doing hoodrat shit with our friends at Kelly’s Olympian.

Samuel The First has been grinding for some time now. The occasional WOHM contributor and perpetual Rare Vibe ambassador is a monster on the mic and the marketing. Selling out small venues like Kelly’s is nothing new to him, and his infectious EP, Yuh – produced by none other than Drae Slapz – is made for live performances. With a slight drawl and dexterous lyricism, the tall Oregon boy will certainly surprise you with the live show. And you know he’s bringing some special guests…

Andre Waymond, previously known as “Dre C”, is one of Vancouver, Washington’s most talented. This isn’t his first THESIS rodeo, and he’s ready to give us a peek at what he’s been cooking. His new project, Express Yourself, is slated for January 26th and we’re anxious to hear some of it in advance, especially since all of his old work seems to have disappeared from SoundCloud since the rebranding.

Chris Lee has been laying low lately but don’t count that man out. STRAY may be a thing of the past, but the young rap entrepreneur is still out here doing his thing on the solo tip. Ever the trend setting bright mind, I am personally excited to see what Chris has up his sleeve.

Another year, another great show in the works. And 11 more after that. If you’re not familiar with how it goes down, check us out on Instagram where we’re posting videos from the last sold out show and see for yourself. Big ups to Portland Mercury and Vortex Music Magazine for keeping us relevant, Bacardi for keeping us paid, Kelly’s for keeping us warm, and XRAY.FM for keeping us wavy. Of course, we must shout out Miss Lopez Media, Casso Dinero and Lord Burgundy for all of their media work on our behalf.

Every show is truly an experience, and we want you to come be a part of it! But be sure to be on time, because we tend to sell out quick! Hope to see you tomorrow night at Kelly’s Olympian for our 37th consecutive month of The THESIS.