For the fourth year in a row, Don’t Shoot PDX will be hosting a march – organized by the children – from Peninsula Park to the Portland Convention Center, taking Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in honor of his holiday. 

Starting at noon, supplies such as clothing and bedding will be collected at Peninsula Park for those in need before the march commences.  

Hip-Hop artist and community organizer Glenn Waco says the point of the event is, “to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his work through direct action and social justice art focused on empowering and educating the youth on human rights, and the social injustice that still permeates throughout the country today as well as the city. It hits close to home because local families from the community who have been affected by police brutality and who have chosen to become engaged in activism with us will be present as well.”

If you have the day off, as so many do this 3-day weekend, this is a good chance to engage in some social activism with your kids. #OutHere

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook