Mic Capes continues to be one of Portland’s most influential artists, racking up over 20 thousand views in just two weeks on his latest music video. Well Known is a standout track from Mic and producer Drae Slapz’ light summer EP, Sheesh, and the video adds intense and relevant context to the bouncy but serious track.

Set in St. Johns, on and around Fessenden, Well Known boasts cameos from PDX artists including Rasheed Jamal, Glenn Waco, Mike Bars, Kan Jones, Dook and Vinnie Dewayne, adding a sense that the Rare Vibe community is growing. Puurple (of Caroline fame) shot the flick, and the level of professionalism is impressive.

Videos can be a great way for rappers to breathe new life into a single and this certainly hits the mark, promoting a dope song to a dope visual.