When discussing the city’s best rappers, it’s hard to leave Karma Rivera off of the list. The Boriqua morena – despite lacking a tangible project – is pushing in all the right directions. Quality videos, catchy singles, a pro-female agenda, and electric live performances have helped drive Rivera into the forefront of the Portland scene. 

So it comes as no surprise that she would be offered her own headlining show at the revered Doug Fir Lounge, nor that she would take the opportunity to put on for the ladies. 

“I feel like women have such a presence in hip hop culture now than ever before and I want to celebrate that exact fact,” Rivera explains. “It doesn’t happen that often anyway, so why not? And I also wanted to share the stage with artists that I think are killing it right now. It makes for an entertaining show. And I’m all about putting on a good show.”

Tomorrow, sultry soul artist Blossom and underaged rap upstart, Wynne, join Karma Rivera for a night of music in one of the Eastside’s most famed venues. A good show this should be. 

But Rivera isn’t taking the opportunity for granted. “This opportunity means a lot… To perform on the same stage with Wynne and Blossom at the Doug Fir Lounge two days before Christmas is lit. It’s a first for the venue to have this type of lineup and it shows the progress in Portland’s local music scene.”

Going into the new year, the rising star plans to “stay consistent and make more noise.” She’s also hinted toward an EP and more visuals as she looks to round out her accomplishments while continuing to push the envelope.