In case you forgot, today’s the first of the month. It’s also Thursday which means, it’s first Thursday… so tonight is TheTHESIS! Don’t worry, such details never fail us and we’ve got an exemplary show in store for you tonight at Kelly’s Olympian. 

The big story, of course, is the return of Fountaine to our THESIS stage. As the first rapper (and producer) to rock our stage 2.5 years so, Fountaine literally set the bar for the event. As the headliner for our first all-ages show, he raised it even higher. As the star of X-Ray, he’s helped to redefined the ever-broadening image of Portland rap, and for all of this, we’re proud to have him back.

We’ll also introduce the dazzling Lisa Vazquez, another lyricist producer making her THESIS debut. Her unique style and impressive beatsmithing is sure to impress, and I for one am excited to see her live.

Dre C is no stranger to our monthly show. As an artist and a supporter, Dre is a bonified regular; he’s also one of the craftiest lyricists in the region, sporting a soft spoken voice and a potent flow. 

Vytell, mistress of ceremonies, rounds out the lineup. Don’t let the cute face fool you, this Latina has bars for days, and her singing voice will stop you in your tracks. I’ve been a fan since she crushed We Take Holocene III almost exactly one year ago. 

Who’s up first? Come find out! As we move away from conventional concert formats, my best advice is to show up early as things tend to get sticky at the doors around 10pm… 

Of course, the incomparable Verbz will be holding down the boards and Max will be our host for the evening. Come say hi to the gang, network with the swaggiest locals, and prepare to turn up for some great music. 

See you tonight.