“Rey on the dang drums, motivate me to say su’um/
 For real I been a microphone killa since day one”

From The Chosen, to Sandpeople, to Alphabet Stew, Al-One has been one of Portland’s most respected underground MCs since the late nineties and never strays from his roots. 

His latest solo venture, Sharptongue, serves as a quick reminder of both Al’s skill and his commercial viability. The well produced and clean project features cameos from fellow town legends such as Illmac, DJ Wels, DJ Spark, Theory Hazit, HalfManHalf, and Serge Severe, not mention production from IllMind, Rey Holliday, Chase Moore, Pale Soul and Panama Red.

Highly enjoyable EP, I must say. Don’t sleep on the veteran. This is Town Music.