Foday decided to step onto the scene with a video called Perfect, but now he’s ready to show us how imperfect America is. The 23 year old Northeast Portland native reminds us that even though it’s a new year, we’re in the same place.

Foday brings us a new visual called ‘Never’ which was produced and written when he was living in Eugene. After being told that his beats were trash, he decided to lash back with a point that few could hate on.

‘Never’ is a video directed by Meta.8, who you all might know as Justin Gabriel. The two teamed up to deliver a lyrical PSA that blends visuals of intense red lighting with a 1st person account of Portland’s protests at the end of last year. The overall theme of the video doesn’t really hit home until the beat drops and Foday decides to deliver a spoken word about the President Elect.

‘Never’ is on Foday’s upcoming project, titled ‘Prod. By Foday’. And yes, it all actually is produced by Foday himself. Fopop has continued to surprise and impress me with his versatility; we even have some music in the works for you all!

Take a few minutes to remind yourself that we have to prepare for the next four years. Check out ‘Never’ below. We Out Here.