The first track off Maze Koroma’s upcoming EP It’s Complicated, It’s All Happening so Fast, Even Though I Can’t Keep up with You, You’ll Always Be My Sunshine came out last week. On the EYRST-signed rapper’s new song called “Complicated,” Maze describes a night working (and monetizing) as an artist in Portland’s hip-hop scene. Even his opening paints a really familiar picture:

First was the show the money came after

Three drink tickets for the local ass rapper

Gave one to my DJ/got a gin and tonic

Told the doorman I’ll be back/went outside hit the chronic

Listen on and you’ll find that the song is just one example of how Maze Koroma will address the struggles and frustrations of being a rapper in Portland on the album. Maze Koroma fans will be happy to know the It’s Complicated EP is set to drop on November 18, but before that the 24-year-old emcee is revealing a visual for the song on Wednesday. Stay tuned.