This Thesis was a doozy! So many dope artists came out to support each other… Just good vibes, dope talent and Unity in the room. Kelly’s was packed before the first artist even went on stage and we sold out the show by 10:30!  I just want to say that all of this went on without any problems while down the street some craziness happened. The local hip hop scene is flaming; if you don’t know, now you know!

The first Artist to hit the stage was Nick B. Nick brought those rare vibes and showed his talent of having bars on top of bars. “Next time I’m in the Apple Store don’t think that I’m Macklemore…”

NIck B Thesis_-26

I asked Nick B a couple of quick questions.

Q: When is your next show?  A: November 19th at Ash St Saloon. I’ll be opening for Cool Nutz.

Q: What are your next steps? A: Next step from here is to continue to drop singles and perform while Drae Slapz and I work on a very rare collaborative project.


Q: How did it feel to be a part of The Thesis? A: What The Thesis means to me is community. The Thesis is a chance for talented artists and people who enjoy Hip Hop to get together network, meet good people and just have a good time. S/O to all the good people at WOHM and Vortex Magazine! Thankful for the opportunity.

Next up was Mic Mar. I hadn’t seen him live yet and was looking forward to seeing his performance. His set was super dope; love the energy he brought to the stage! I asked Mic the same questions, and here are his answers. I like that everyone had something different to say.

Mic Mar-137

Q: When is your next show? A: November 10th at Lola’s Room

Q: What are your next steps? A: I am currently setting up my own independent tour called “The Kidz From The Woodz Tour” starting in March. You can find all Mic Mar’s music on Soundcloud.

Mic Mar-88

Q: How did it feel to be a part of The Thesis? A: It felt great to introduce myself even more to the Portland scene where most of my inspiration comes from.

Finally the headliner, Donte Thomas, who happens to be one of my favorite artists in Portland and who is just killing it. This was his first headliner and it sold out!


Q: When is your next show? A: I have a show with Chief $ Azizi Gibson October 29th at the Whiteside Theatre in Corvallis.

Q:How did it feel to be a part of The Thesis? A:It felt great honestly. I’m appreciative to be recognized for my hard work. I spent a lot of time putting the album together. Wanted to do it right.


Q: How did it feel to headline The Thesis and sell out? A: Headlining was great. I didn’t expect any of that really. I just wanted to have a great night with great people. Selling out was just icing on the cake. The first of many milestones to come.