Seattle superstar Macklemore strips down (literally and figuratively) for his new video about drug addiction and the torment that today’s pharmaceutical industry is causing.

Teaming up with Seattle singer Ariana Deboo, the song delivers a chilling message from the perspective of someone directly involved. Ben Haggerty, more famously known as Macklemore, has been well documented on this issue throughout his career. Losing loved ones and struggling with addiction himself, it’s no surprise this song hits so lose to home with him.

Spending the majority of the video naked with swollen eyes and covered in sweat, it’s clear he is going through a detox. Ariana delivers a beautiful hook singing, “My drug dealer was a doctor/ had the plug from Big Pharma/ I think he trying to kill me/ He tried to kill me for a dollar,” while covered in pills to really get the point across.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis wrote “Drug Dealer” for a recent MTV documentary titled “Prescription for Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis”.

Watch the Jason Koenig – directed video below.