Portland alternative-rap duo BCxLD is good for bucking whatever trends are going on in the hip-hop scene in favor of just being themselves. The resulting non-urban rap songs sometimes land in the cute category, but the writing ability of Lucas Dix, the production of Brass Clouds, and the combined creativity of the group often make for some rather dope – and different – tracks.

Their latest album My, How Time Flies II, is an eclectic mix of songs, combining dramatically cinematic, heavily filtered soundscapes with the cool flows of Dix and his friends. While Billy Bass and Champagne In My OJ don’t slouch either, the most appealing song on the album has to be Smokes, an eerily soothing tale of succumbing to and battling cigarette addiction which features a hypnotic hook from Jay Cobb (of local bluegrass band Fruition). I don’t even smoke, but this song sounds really good.

Comes with a cool visual too. #OutHere