“Go and get yours, that’s the motto for the team.”

WOHM regular Karma Rivera sums up her attitude and bad bitch persona on her newest track “Good 4 U” with a sprinkle from the feminist wave. Rivera has never had a problem speaking her mind and calling out those who may have more antiquated perspectives about the hip hop industry (see: her dope appearance in a Portland all female cypher). It’s not difficult to see that the “team motto” is her shoutout to any ladies out there who have had to face double standards on the daily.

“Either you were a good girl or a bad one—can’t be both,” says Rivera, “Now, among millenial women, we have to be both. Good girls are now bad girls that ain’t been caught. That’s the culture.”

Her personal message has always been clear—she is confident in the person she’s become and there are few things that she will compromise her integrity for. There’s no point in playing nice, “They say be Madonna don’t ever be the hoe/But why be a saint when she’s never in control.” Her call outs throw the big punches but it’s the playful lyricism that’ll sweep under you.

Listen to her track on SoundCloud here, mixed by Canadian producer Decz: