With the DXclusive debut on HipHipDX, SamuelThe1st and Brookfield Duece put forward their own vision of a New Portland in their fresh new video for Inner City Blues, directed by Totem Ent.

The solid slap from Drew Locs stretches a syrupy sweet sample from Marvin Gaye’s classic by the same name and wraps it in big band, stadium style production. Duece and Samuel play well off of each other, trading verses and tall guy dance moves in the uptempo, 3 minute affair atop a rooftop helipad.

More than just a cool video for a fresh song with aerial shots of the city, Inner City Blues really is a roster show for the merging Rare Vibe x Brookefield Duece x STRAY thing that’s been bubbling for a while now. A lot of cameos from active young artists including Foday, US Plus, Donte Thomas, Drae Slapz, Nick B, Bro Pluto, and Lang (who will be performing at TheTHESIS September 1st). Watch how these guys are moving, I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

Rare Vibez