Capturing the artists at TheTHESIS is always one of my favorite things to do! August’s edition we had Bryson The Alien who gave a high energy performance. I had never had a chance to see him live before.

Next up was Swiggle Mandela. I really like all the dope videos Swiggle’s been putting out! I also, surprisingly, hadn’t seen a live performance from him before either.

We had a couple of surprise artists come through as well. Lang and one of my personal favorite artists EVER, Gifted MF Gab! She set the damn stage on fire!

Lastly we had Theory Hazit. He said he hadn’t performed in a while but you couldn’t tell, he had an O.G. style performance!

Really, everyone gave a great performance and it was dope to check out some new acts I hadn’t had the chance to see live yet!

See you in September!


-Miss Lopez Media