When I was first met Ripley Snell, I was blown away by his live set. Mixing coffee and live instrumentation topped off with his creative vision of Hip Hop, he immediately had my attention. At that point I wasn’t working for WOHM, I was genuinely just a fan. As the months went on, I had the pleasure of watching him perform at this year’s SXSW down in Austin, Texas at multiple venues leaving his mark on every stage (Not to mention he saved my life on the first night of the festival but that’s another story).

Now Rip is taking the town by storm with his brand new visual for his latest installment, “Underworld Series”. To say that this video is visually stimulating is an understatement, in my opinion it’s much more than that. The caffeinated emcee links up with a gang of creatives for this short film including The Last Artul, Dodgr, Neill Von Tally, Old Tron 444, TimSlew, and Ruff Mercy. Together they’ve created an artistic platform that most are afraid to dive into. This authentic ride is assisted with clips that you may recognize if you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto V but Snell took a different approach and made it his own. There’s honestly not too much more I can say, you have to see this for yourself.

Take a look into the talented artist’s mind and check out “Underworld Series” below.