Now I must say we we’re a little late to the party on this one but as I said a few days ago, I’m here to make up for lost time. Good music is good music regardless. I would like to formally introduce Landon Larson making his WOHM debut. Though he doesn’t need much of introduction, his music definitely speaks for himself. Molding the borders between a new era trap sound partnered by clever lyrics, Larson hits us with his latest single “1000 Miles Down Road”. Riding a wave of momentum off of his first and newly released mixtape “Welfare”, Landon has been bouncing from LA to Portland working and performing alongside artists such as Martell Webster and many more (You may of seen him at our May edition of The Thesis). Having known the unique wordsmith personally, I’ve seen an incredible amount of progression over the last year so I figured it was time for ya’ll to get familiar as well.

Listen  to “1000 Miles Down Road” below and be sure to check out his EP “Welfare” which has over 10,000 plays I might add.



Welfare EP