Eyrst is at it again. The record label as a whole has been turning heads for a while now but I have a feeling this is just the beginning for the newly formed Portland label. Their newest signee Calvin Valentine (G_Force), who recently moved from the city of roses to the city of angels creates an authentic electric track that suits the vibe of this track unbelievably well. There’s not much the versatile producer can’t do. Teaming up with fellow label mates ePP and Maze Koroma, all 3 add their own unique touch keeping the track alive from start to finish. One of the youngest members of Eyrst, Maze is coming off a very solid performance at this years PDX Pop Now music festival while ePP has been steadily working on his newest project and dropping nothing but heat as of late.

Check out what all 3 artists have to offer on their latest single “Stray Bullets”.