June’s Thesis was of course my favorite because it happened to land on the day of my birth! To be able to pick the line up and basically have my most favorite artists perform for me was so amazing! There isn’t much I love more than live music and being able to capture it with my camera.

Sadly I was late to my own party and missed Samuel’s set, but I already know he killed it because I have seen him before and that was one of the reasons I asked him to perform om my birthday. The STRAYs came with that amazing energy, I love the energy they bring; very refreshing. Maze oh Maze… what can I say he’s just dope. Roby came thru as the special guest and blew me away with his honesty and realness. Mic Capes as always killed the stage and seeing he and Rasheed rock together warmed my little heart. Mic and Vinnie  got me out here like “Norf Side!!!” Y’all killed your sets and I cannot wait to see where each of you go! Keep grinding, keep lifting each other up.

My 33rd birthday was so ill I couldn’t have asked for more shout outs to everyone who came thru and made it happen. Much Love.

~Miss Lopez Media