A lot of cameras in my face that’s like all of the sudden /
I knew I’d make it to this point / What’s with all of the fussin’? /
Money call and I’m buzzin’ / I’m with all of my cousins /
That’s every time you see me out and that’s ballin’ or clubbin’

Dame Lillard and Brookfield Duece are back, trading verses over a yet another wild slap from Pennsylvanian super-producer Jahlil Beats.

Ready For It seems to leave off where They Sleep left off, with the cousins barring out about exceeding the expectations that others had set for them, only to be where they’d always planned, and still ready for what’s next. Jahlil’s production impresses immediately, flipping a tricky Middle-Eastern sample into a certified knock. Dame leads the way with a metaphor-riddled verse, setting up Duece who comes through with the show-ready hook and a slick, lingo-laden sixteen. The pair close out with a back and forth, showing chemistry on the alley-oop as the beat deconstructs after Dame closes.

It’s really dope what Dame, Duece and the rest of the clan are doing in the Portland rap scene; understanding that they are in a unique position, the Brookfield (Oakland) natives are dropping quality music, building with locals, and adding excitement to the atmosphere. Enjoy this latest drop, and feel free to leave your thoughts!