D3 has been making significant strides toward an established presence in Portland for several months now, impressing crowds with fully amped sets at Hawthorne Theater, Ash Street Saloon, and even our very own Thesis show in May. With a slew of more shows coming up over the next month, the raspy-voiced TNO artist dropped yet another hype track today. As soon as you click play on “Shimmy,” it’ll became clear you’re about to hear some bars; D3 has packed the song with a string clever rhymes and delivers them with a sharp vengeance.

You think them fans make you cool like a hot nigga

Don’t let ’em pump your head up cause it could pop nigga

You think you hard in them bars with them top niggas

But please don’t get it twisted you’re not nigga

Imma draw the line, don’t cross these eyes nigga

Use one eye when I aim Fetty Wap niggas

Have a listen below and buckle up for what’s to come from the Eastside rapper.