Mic Capes tagged me in a damn FB post put me on to a chill new video from Aloha rapper US[+]. Fortunately, the lyricist’s flair for the unconventional goes beyond his very difficult to Google handle.

To be totally honest I wasn’t blown away by the video, but I was thoroughly entertained by the 10A-produced song, and a little inspired digging led me to the promising teenaged rapper’s album Lemonade (shout out Beyoncé and Chris Lee) which is a very solid collection of soulful, feel good music. What he lacks in polish, the rapper seems to make up in confidence. That’s usually a great recipe for young artists, and I’m interested to see what the sub-suburban kid does next. Personally, I think it’d be cool to see more visuals off this project… There’s some gems on there and they haven’t been heard enough yet.

Check him out.