I was excited to shoot this one because I got to use my new camera! When I arrived it was already lit and people were trying to get in, but it had already sold out! We keep telling people come early and come on time…

Anyways, I watched Mac and Max finesse the door guy till he turned red and called security… (shouts out to Max and Mac for dealing with that craziness)  Once we got it all sorted out the bar manager realized we could continue to let folks in because not everyone who RSVP’d showed up! It also helped that Martell said he would not go on unless his peeps could get in!

The Thesis is always LIVE, I always get to run into the old homies, and always seem to make new connects. The energy was positive and everyone killed their set. We gotta keep selling these out so we can eventually take The Thesis to a new location!

Looking forward to June edition… It’s just my Birthday! The line up is lit!