“…I was on the bills with legends, to making bills with legends, now you feel my presence…”

Serge Severe is rocking #TheTHESIS this Thursday and he’s got some new material to play with. With a new album shaping up for the Fall, Serge drops off Make It, a lyrical barrage explaining what life is to Big Serge.

The ever-present Stewart Villain provides the jazzy-yet-powerful production for the bass-heavy slap with the show-ready hook. Serge has been showing off some new tricks lately and Make It shows continued growth from the perennially dope emcee. Dude could easily chill and sit pretty amongst the town’s greats, but instead he’s out here sharpening his swords.

WOHM is proud to premiere the latest from Serge Severe. Make sure to learn the words and come out this Thursday to sing along. It’s going to be live. #OutHere