Photo Courtesy: Jay Murgas

Yesterday, on May 20, Karma released “EverythingILove,” a 4-minute track produced by Mike Mo (@MikeMoBeats) and with mixing help from Jordan Cruz. The new track gives a little more insight into what’s influenced Karma’s life, what she’s learned, and where she’s at now. In a crawling pace and steady flow, Karma explains her thoughts on University:

Growing up grandma buying tickets to the lottery, she keep thinking that’s gon’ get the family out of poverty
Preaching how school should be my number one priority.
Prove to them people you are more than a minority.
She ain’t know the system what commits the biggest robbery.
So fuck being scholarly, got real ones at my property. 

There’s plenty more to examine in the song, which is probably why the artist is eager to create a visual. As Karma expressed on Twitter, “I wanna shoot a video for EverythingILove. I need a Cinematographer ASAP”. The song’s release comes a month after she dropped “Tacos & Tequila,” and is no doubt in anticipation of her big gig next week at We Take Holocene III, an all ladies lineup that will mark the third installment of Glenn Waco’s summer concert series. Take a listen below and prepare to watch her slay on Wednesday.