Dame Lillard shows his grizzlier side on a new track he released yesterday alongside a few familiar rap friends V.I.P. and Bozzle over a sharp beat from Jahlil Beats.

The season’s over for the Blazers and Dame took no time getting back to the semi-street, chip on the shoulder raps that we all love. The Oakland kid with the green light goes in on the extended verse. Bars like, “I hardly ever brag, I hardly ever sag, but tonight my pants low and 200 on my dash!” show the stoic young star letting his guard down for a second, adding a little braggadocio and even shouting out his hood, “BROOKFIIIIELD!!!” in exaggerated adlibs. Not your standard NBA rap fare, I assure you. A rapper’s rapper, Dame is hard to front on. Check out the latest from the NBA’s best rapper.