The story of young Marcus Ray continues as Rostam Productions released the second season of the Portland-based underground rap drama, X-Ray.

After finding his voice in season one, the protagonist – played by Mikey Fountaine – faces a new set of obstacles as well as new sources of support as art imitates life. The supporting cast – already rich with artists such as Epp, Wes Guy, Megan Elizabeth, and Koncept – is augmented with “performances” by WOHM’s own Mac Smiff. (Yes that’s me, and no I can’t watch my own scenes.)

X-RAY Chapter Six from Rostam Productions on Vimeo.

Really dope to be a part of such an ambitious and well done project. Lots of twists in this season, and if we get our way, there will be a third! Much love and respect to Seena Haddad, who wrote, re-wrote, and directed the series. The level of collaboration shines through, making X-Ray something that Portland Hip-Hop can truly call it’s own.


Original Cover art by Alexander Wright