Fresh off performances at SXSW, and two dates at Coachella, Gallant joins Mind of a Genius labelmate and electronic music producer ZHU on the Neon City tour.


Up until a few years ago, no one knew what kind of person ZHU was. Social media was sparse if existent, and as a result of the information void, the Internet scrambled to try and figure out anything about the elusive DJ/producer that dropped the insanely danceable medley/cover “Moves like Ms. Jackson.” He has since revealed himself to be Steven Zhu, a twenty-something USC grad and LA resident, who now has a Grammy nom under his belt for his 2014 single “Faded.” If he doesn’t sound ultra-cool yet, he also recently launched his own clothing line NIGHTDAY COLLECTION featuring monochromatic sweatshirts and tees at Yeezy-esque prices. Neon City will be Zhu’s first headliner tour. — MICHELLE PHUONG TRAN

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Gallant’s live performance at Bumbershoot last September. I caught the last two songs of his set: “Weight in Gold,” and “Open Up.” As soon as I heard that soulful high register I was hooked. After the release of his highly anticipated album “Ology” in April, Gallant appears as a “special guest” for Neon City. The cross-genre bill will surely help both artists reach new audiences, but it’s a wonder that the 23-year-old singer isn’t doing a tour all his own at this point. Easily described as alternative R&B, Gallant’s sound is straddling the line of neo-soul and future soul. I’m not even sure what the difference is anymore, but I know Gallant’s brand is sufficiently lined with hip-hop, electronica, and alternative rock influences. His tender Maxwell-like falsetto meshes with ultra-vulnerable lyrics and epic guitar solos to create a very emotive listening experience. — JENNI MOORE

Saturday, April 30 | Roseland Theater | @9pm

All ages / Bar with I.D.

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