If you were out at #TheTHESIS on Thursday, you already know it was The Most LIT. Inspired performances from Matty, China-Marie and Calvin Valentine plus special guests Jon Belz, Maze Koroma, Blossom, DJ Celsius, Epp and Dodgr made for a great night musically and the vibe was incredible in the packed venue.

Oh… And then there was Stevo. Fresh off of SXSW, the ATL-born, NEP-raised rapper put on a hell of a performance before ending with a promise to make new friends. When the show was over, Stevo kept good on his promise. Not sure what I’m talking about? Well that’s why we have video. If we didn’t, you probably wouldn’t believe us anyway, so you might as well just go ahead and watch. Shout out to V1Creative for always being #OutHere.

Cover Photo courtesy of Andrew Roles