Key Nyata is one of the most consistently dope rap artists in the NW, and he just dropped off his first project of 2016, Dad Of The Year. The THRAXXHOUSE representative – whom I recently read started off with the Raider Klan – has long been revered for his dark, heavy vibes and unapologetic trap-themes, and this album stays in the seam.

With production from all over the place, Nyata aka Cosmic Dad gets busy with the lyrics. A SpaceGhostPurpp feature (on the uptempo GO) is the only feature on the project, and the only track Nyata produced is the spacey outro which he doesn’t rap on. Yes, it’s that type of project. One that flows between maddening moodiness and neck-cranking knocks while feeling uniquely intimate. Leave Em and Don’t Fold are my early favorites, but the subsequent spins (which are sure to come) may change my mind.

Really well done, Dad Of The Year is sure to satisfy Nyata’s legions of existing fans, and bring a few new ones in as well. Peep the new-new. #OutHere