As you well know, today is the 20th of April. In a city like Portland, this plays out as a semi-major holiday. Cool Nutz is taking the occasion as seriously as ever, bringing together a formidable line-up of rappers from the local area for a 2-day festival at the Ash Street Saloon in downtown Portland. Billed as the first annual, Nutz sees this as something to build on for years to come.

The fun starts tonight with Mic Capes, Mikey Vegaz & FliBoiMoe, Stevo, 2Reps. Chris Lee, Samuel The 1st and more. Hosted by St. Johns legend Illmaculate and the world famous DJ Fatboy, the night of promises a night of great music. On the second night, the energy returns with Bad Habitat, Drae Steves & Maniac Lok, Seattle’s King Leez, Brookfield Duece, Al-One and more. Hosting will be handled by Stevo and Fatboy this time around so expect a lit experience.

With sponsors like Parlae Vodka, TNO Entertainment, Chapters Alumni and the NW Breakout Show, Ash Street is looking like the place to be. Advance tickets are available at Smokey420.bpt.me for $12 for a limited time and it’s $15 at the door, which opens at 8pm on both nights. Check it out and have some fun with some of the best names in town.