I swear not even two weeks ago I was marveling at how quickly Jon Belz puts out music. The Portland rapper is insane with his productivity and he has a new EP out with long-time associate Nakyooes (formerly known as Deuxpamine) that – once again – is worth listening to on repeat. Over Under stands out to me and is probably my personal favorite on the new joint.

I think my first experience with the duo was the Violet Nights EP and this new joint almost feels like a sequel. It’s also worth noting that Nakyooes is scheduled to rock at the upcoming edition of The Thesis on March 3rd, so if you like what you hear, you should come see what he’s got in store for his beat set.

Also, word has it that Belz has at least one more project coming out before summer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops 2… or 3. He’s really that good. #OutHere