The speed at which Jon Belz puts out music is blinding. This past week he released a bevy of singles on his Soundcloud as well as a new 4-track project titled After Hours EP.

Pretty hard to critique Belz’ raps; few have the lyrical dexterity that man possesses, and the beat work from PA’s Nappy Notes is excellent throughout the project. Belz’ ability to bounce between jaw dropping raps and playful patois-inspired harmonization sets him apart from the pack, and feels right at home over the gradual and dynamic production.

Still, it might be the Cee Goods powered Terror Wrist that impressed me the most. The Hip-Hop Day rapper goes old school in a braggadocios smack-talking salvo that is extremely fun to walk into work to. Seriously, play this in your headphones in the elevator tomorrow and tell me how you feel. And you might as well just stay on his Soundcloud… there’s nothing wack there.