I’ve been out of it for the last two days… I was successfully defying the inevitable birthday month hangover when a second wave of flu season took me out of commission. But guess what? I’m still here.

Luck…and I’m not the only one. Quietest kept, HANiF (formerly known as Luck One… we’re still saying that, right?) crept back to town last week and it looks like he’s ready to make a wave. With a soulful new track, the Harriet Tubman graduate reminds us why he’s regarded as a Class A lyricist, surveying the PDX rap scene over an emotional key-based beat soundbed from Mike Mo. DJ Sneakers and Taye Johnson add effective scratches and hallow vocals to a dynamic hook that’s ready for radio.

Peep the new music, and get out to the Rose Bar tomorrow to see a true NW legend in a headlining performance while you can!